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The Company

The German company ECKEL Magnetmesstechnik was founded in 1992 by Dipl.-Ing. Werner Eckel, the proprietor of the company.

The company ECKEL develops new more powerful measuring systems than standard analogue units. They set new standards in accuracy, speed, comfort and flexibility since they are based on full digital methods and technology.

From the very beginning there was a close co-operation with Robert Bosch GmbH. For that reason the quality standards were set very high. The aim of ECKEL is to produce the best magnet measuring systems on the market. ECKEL offers units especially for the high quality market.

In 1996, the company moved from Hamburg to Brandenburg to the small village Grenzheim. In autumn 1998 the new company building in Grenzheim was completed, where all products are manufactured and new products are designed.

The top systems from ECKEL often are far beyond the competitors units and allow measurements that were unthinkable before.

The company ECKEL permanently extends the product range by new developments. A big advantage is the flexibility of production. Nearly all customer requirements can be integrated in hardware or software within short time.

The Team

Werner Eckel

Werner Eckel - portrait

Werner Eckel

Werner Eckel was born in 1964 in Hamburg, Germany. He studied Telecommunications Engineering at Hamburg-Harburg University. Even while studying, Werner Eckel started specializing on hardware design, hardware-related processor programming and digital signal processing.

After finishing studying with the qualification M.Sc., the Robograph 2 for hysteresis measurement of hard magnetic materials was developed in a close co-operation with Robert Bosch GmbH. Then the Digital Flux Meter (DFM 1) was developed, and the DFM 1 was then followed by the DFM 2 offering extended features.

Today Werner Eckel is responsible for hardware development and production.

Martin Eckel

Martin Eckel - portrait

Martin Eckel

Martin Eckel was born in 1976 in Hamburg and, after successfully finishing school with A levels, also studied Telecommunications Engineering at Hamburg-Harburg University. He started software programming at the young age of 12 and today is responsible for software development of all Windows applications and internal operating systems of ECKEL hardware products.

In spring 2001 Martin Eckel also moved to Grenzheim and became partner of the company that changed to Eckel GbR.

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Werner + Martin Eckel GbR
Am Teich 5
D-19348 Berge GT Grenzheim
Phone: +49 (38785) 60 91-0
Fax: +49 (38785) 60 91-1
E-Mail: info@eckelgbr.com


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